Bucket showers

For many people the idea of not having hot water is comparable to fighting a room full of bears while trying to text without a QWERTY keyboard. Although I was actually pretty good at old fashioned nine key texting. For me, not having hot water has become a way of life and for D’mitry, it’s […]

Trees and Batik

See, I told you we did batik. For those of you too lazy to Google it, batik is a method of producing dyed cloth with pretty patterns. For those of you too lazy to read previous posts and have no idea what I’m on about, get your act together and read “Dinosaurs and Cake”. In […]

Decisions with D’mitry

Recently, the biggest decision I have had to make is whether I wanted planes or rockets on my bed spread. In case you were wondering, I chose planes. Later, however, I ended up with elephants. When it came to choosing extra-curricular activities at this university, you can no doubt imagine this was a challenge. The […]

Dinosaurs and cake

I know I’ve been terrible at keeping you up to date with all of D’mitry’s adventures. Without meaning to make excuses, the Internet at my current place of residence is about as effective as negotiating with a grizzly bear. But you’ll have to forgive me. Because it’s my birthday. The photo is proof. That is […]

Indonesia doesn’t know what’s hit it

“In breaking news the streets of Malang today were a chaotic battleground as a huge T-rex, a species previously believed extinct, wreaked havoc, terrorizing local motor bike riders and warung goers. Photographers have managed to capture only one silhouetted shot of this T-rex which, despite its lack of detail and accuracy, captures the sheer terror […]

The big adventure

You’ll have to fogive me. I wrote this post days ago when it was still relevant to current events. Now it isn’t but I havent had Internet access for what feels like a million years but in reality was only a few days. If you’re angry that’s ok. I still like you.   It’s days […]

The greatest adventure yet

Tomorrow life will change for D’mitry in a way he has never known. D’mitry has had to become accustomed to being moved large distances and the fact he is tiny only makes these distances seem larger. After all, he did travel quite a distance from his mud puddle to my home and then even further […]