1. What is the wooden surface D’mitry is often photographed on?
That would be my desk where D’mitry resides when not on an adventure.

2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Monique riding a giraffe

3. Why don’t you post more often? Or allocate a weekday for updates?
I maintain this blog because it’s fun. If I forced myself to update it every week it would become a chore. Not only that but the quality of adventures would deteriorate. Even someone as adventuresome as D’mitry can’t keep up awesome adventuring every single week without a rest! So I would stop liking blogging, D’mitry would get all worn out and the quality of what I write would begin a rapid decline. No one wants that.

4. How many countries have you been to?
Here’s the list so far:
Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand, Nepal, India, Italy, France, America, Hawaii (I guess that counts as America…). I also spent 23 hours in Singapore airport after missing my connecting flight but it doesn’t really count if you don’t go through immigration and customs.

5. Can you post a photo of yourself?
In short, no.


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