A guide to living like royalty on a student budget with D’mitry the Dinosaur

A guide to living like royalty on a student budget with D’mitry the Dinosaur

Living like a king/queen as a lowly student has never been easier and now, with D’mitry’s help, your dream can become a reality.

First, acquire a ticket to Indonesia. As a student, this may involve some effort. Here at the bloghouse, we understand the natural aversion students have to effort so here are some handy hints on acquiring your ticket with minimal effort and money.
1. Drop hints around the same time as your birthday. You may also have to suggest in the most subtle way possible the idea of your friends pooling their money because, let’s face it, who in the right mind would spend that much on a birthday present?
2. Appeal to parents. It is rare for parents to willingly fund your entire trip, even if you claim it’s your one chance to do some deep soul searching and find yourself. In fact, that may even put them off entirely. However, usually parents are willing to give their student a contribution.
3. Apply for a scholarship. We all know you’re only pretending to be diligent enough to deserve a scholarship but you just might be able to fool university authorities.
4. Be magical. Imagine magicking yourself to Indonesia. Alternately, use your new-found skills to become a street performer. You might eventually earn enough money to fund your trip. But I mean it when I say eventually. I doubt I would pay to see you magicking.

Once arriving in Indonesia, don’t forget to be amazed by the 25c taxi rides and 50c dinners, all fit for a king. Soon enough, you will find yourself living like royalty, even with your pathetic student-sized bank account.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this guide to living like royalty on a student budget, D’mitry had himself photographed with an exquisite menu of local delicacies. At roughly 10 000 rupiah to the dollar, you can almost taste the cheap yet delicious food already. Go on, work out how much these main course dinners cost. I dare you.

Don’t thank me. Thank D’mitry.


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