Trees and Batik

Trees and Batik

See, I told you we did batik. For those of you too lazy to Google it, batik is a method of producing dyed cloth with pretty patterns. For those of you too lazy to read previous posts and have no idea what I’m on about, get your act together and read “Dinosaurs and Cake”.

In the photo, D’mitry is holding a batik tool. So I don’t know what its real name is or even if it has one. Go on, get angry if you must because I didn’t take the effort to Google it even though you took the effort to Google what batik is.

I digress. Basically wax goes in the top and comes out the spout. Logically, you hold the stick and wave it magically across the fabric to make your pretty patterns. Skilled batik craftsmen create intricate artworks on cloth with the wax with lots of swirls and lines and dots, all carefully positioned without a drop of wax out of place. I, however, could only manage to draw a huge, not so intricate tree on my cloth with hundreds of blobs of unwanted, misplaced wax including a huge smear from when I dropped the tool.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove the wax until after dying the cloth so my tree is now textured with randomly located dots and smears. I’m full of talent.

D’mitry saw my feeble efforts at batik and naturally wanted to help, hoping that perhaps he could make less mistakes and have a smearless tree. The problem being the difficulty of holding the tool when you are a tiny dinosaur with tiny T-rex arms. He struggled to even hold the edge of the tool when posing for the photo. Thus, my batik tree has sadly lacked input from D’mitry although he has posed for further photos in the batik room being as photogenic as he is. Maybe one day someone will invent a tiny batik set for D’mitry to use so he can know the joy of dripping unwanted wax dots all over your batik work of art.


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