The big adventure

You’ll have to fogive me. I wrote this post days ago when it was still relevant to current events. Now it isn’t but I havent had Internet access for what feels like a million years but in reality was only a few days. If you’re angry that’s ok. I still like you.


It’s days like today I often feel slightly envious of D’mitry. The fact that he’s a dinosaur goes without saying but it’s days like today I often wish I was tiny.

I don’t sleep well on planes. Falling asleep in an uncomfortable chair that pretends to want to improve your comfort by reclining ever so slightly but ends up being a big disappointment is no easy task. This is really saying something; I’m really good at falling asleep. In fact toddler me once fell asleep while halfway through climbing over a chair. Not kidding, ask my mother, it actually happened.

My point is life would be so much easier on aeroplanes if I was small. I’m by no means large to begin with (the word slim comes to mind and perhaps average height although that’s two words) but imagine how much more comfortable those horrid seats could be if you could at least curl up without disturbing the nice, quiet gentleman sitting alongside you (who was sound asleep, the bastard).

I actually looked across the aisle to the two little girls, who were remarkably well behaved and patient on the long flight, with a pang of envy at the way they were curled up on their seats. They were small enough to achieve something that must have been close to comfort. Perhaps that was why they were well behaved. Meanwhile I tried my best not to toss and turn so I wouldn’t wake up the gent alongside. My endeavours went something along the lines of: Find comfortable position and stay that way until my neck starts to hurt. Try and fail to find another comfortable position. Go back to original position before being curtly reminded why I gave it up in the first place.

My thoughts eventually drifted to D’mitry who was snuggled up in my pocket. Now there was no possible way he could be uncomfortable. He had a whole pocket to move around in! And for a dinosaur his size that’s like saying “here, go spend the flight in this empty gymnasium. Sorry we couldn’t give you more room!”

But no matter how uncomfortable plane rides are or how bad I am at functioning on two hours’ sleep, there is very little that can take the joy out of today. That plane ride was the first day of D’mitry’s greatest adventure yet and it ended with our arrival in Indonesia.


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