Scaling mountains

What is an adventure if not scaling mountains, crossing raging rivers and wrestling bears? We did the former. We scaled a mountain. We hiked, scrambled and practically climbed over rocks and tree roots through jungle, cypress forest and grass land to one of the few places in Indonesia that actually gets cold. D’mitry and Brady […]

More flights

Today our adventure takes a turn as we head to tacky old Bali for some quality, stereotypical tourism. However there is a certain appealing charm to backing packing and hiking your way across an island most people go to just to sunbathe and get their hair braided. So we might just see all the things […]

Tea fields

We visited a tea field. And frolicked amongst the tea bushes. Tea production is actually somewhat of a contradiction. In theory it’s boring. All it is is picking, drying and cutting leaves. In practice it’s rows upon rows of crates filled with every shade of green possible. Then it’s huge, mesmerizing machines than spin in […]

When things don’t go according to plan

Sometimes misadventures make better stories than regular adventures. D’mitry was yet to learn this as we set out for what was intended to be an awesome day on a secluded beach on an island off the coast of West Sumatra. What actually happened was we stood under a giant slide in a tropical downpour at […]