D’mitry gets a technological upgrade

This is the most technology D’mitry has embraced since this blog began. I’m here to announce that due to popular demand (or pestering, however you would like to look at it) D’mitry now has a Facebook page. This means there are now two (2) ways of receiving updates from D’mitry!The first is to follow this […]


I have received a topic request. How exciting. In response to a photo of a dinosaur fearlessly battling it out with a cat, it has been decided that the domestic trials in D’mitry’s life should be brought to light. And these trials can be singled down to a cat named Cyril. Whilst Cyril, unlike Count […]

Count Franklin at his evilest so far

I told you count cloaks make you evil! This picture of sheer violence was sent as a direct threat to D’mitry. There will no doubt be an epic showdown some time soon but let’s all hope Count Franklin doesn’t pull out this Nerf gun when the time comes. Hope of D’mitry surviving a Nerf gun […]


I realized this morning that I haven’t uploaded a photo of D’mitry for quite some time. Those of you affected by amnesia may have forgotten what he looks like. So here is another of the lost photos. Please excuse my hand in the photo. It was taken in a mini bus on a rough road […]

Count Cloaks

We have well and truly established that the count cloak makes Count Franklin evil. I’m sure he would’t be very nice anyway but I’m convinced it’s the cloak that tips the scale from slightly unpleasant to malevolent evil. Of course, he doesn’t have to be wearing his cloak to be evil but the simple fact […]

Arch nemesis revealed

More information about D’mitry’s arch nemesis has surfaced. We now know the magnitude of this adversary and, despite being a brittle ceramic turtle, the threat is very real. The name of this foe is Count Franklin. He even has a count cloak. That is truly evil. (Disclaimer: I may or may not have drawn the […]