Lost pictures

This whole “lost pictures” concept seems to have become a thing. So here they are, the collection of D’mitry portraits taken along the way that I didn’t come up with posts for! Now with captions! If this doesn’t look like dinosaur habitat I don’t know what does. Just hanging out in a volcanic steam vent. […]

Monsoon and misadventures

For the first three days of my current adventure I was almost certain I would die a heat related death. I survived with several sweat soaked shirts and tan lines stronger than ever before. The shift in tropical climate from dry season to wet season is often characterized by intense and uncomfortable heat before the […]

Adventures and traveling light

D’mitry and I leave for our next big adventure in two days. I started packing ten minutes ago. For the first time I am attempting air travel with only carry on luggage considering this is a small two week trip to show my sister the sights of Indonesia. Let’s not get into her skewed ideas […]