Decisions with D’mitry

Decisions with D'mitry

Recently, the biggest decision I have had to make is whether I wanted planes or rockets on my bed spread. In case you were wondering, I chose planes. Later, however, I ended up with elephants.

When it came to choosing extra-curricular activities at this university, you can no doubt imagine this was a challenge. The bed spread was hard enough to decide upon. I went along and tried all my options, documenting the experience with a photo or two of D’mitry showing his skills but when the time came the choice wasn’t easy.

To cut a long story short, I chose music. I’m a musical person after all and, if I remember correctly, I may have been singing when I found D’mitry (although let’s just say my musical talent lies with instruments and definitely not singing). But this is like no music you’ve ever come across before (unless you’re familiar with Indonesian music but shh). Welcome to D’mitry’s adventures in kerawitan class, where there are more variations on xylophones than ever before! The first thing I discovered in this class was that conductors are the same in every country. Overenthusiastic, slightly eccentric people waving sticks and tapping things while often speaking rhythmic gibberish when someone isn’t playing correctly. I love conductors. The second thing I noticed was that there was in fact no music but rather a piece of paper with numbers written on it. At first D’mitry and I were concerned about how an orchestra of exotic xylophones and glockenspiels could make something that sounded good with only a few pages of numbers. Our concerns were soon laid to rest. Once learning what these numbers meant, it was only a matter of hand/eye coordination and an unbreakable partnership with a dinosaur before the orchestra started working like magic.


2 thoughts on “Decisions with D’mitry

  1. seriously, I may love D’mitry. and I couldn’t help laughing at how you describe conductors. ahh memories.
    seems like you’re having fun 🙂

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