The stegosaurus of success

I know this isn’t a stegosaurus. Stop shouting at your computer screen in frustration. There is a story behind why this new dinosaur (who is very much not a stegosaurus) came to be named the stegosaurus of success. My sister studies geology because apparently rocks are useful for more than just throwing at people. In […]


As a tertiary student, hoodies are an important part of my life. The comfort and practicality aren’t the only reasons hoodies are a student’s best friend, although that does play a huge part. Hoodies are also a marker of identity. Have you ever heard of a university logo printed on a button up shirt for […]

Shiny music

Firstly, I’m slightly disappointed. I promised to post something new in return for more likes on D’mitry’s Facebook page. I wasn’t expecting one like but a promise is a promise. Just remember my generosity should we ever go through another time of me not posting for ages (like just after the great adventure…. That was […]