Fast food abroad

I know what you’re all thinking. Why on earth would anyone go to a western style fast food restaurant when they are in an exotic not western location? I have some opinions on this matter. There are those who disagree with me but I can always just edit a photo of these people in MS […]

Why we love technology oh so much

So why am I not writing updates? D’mitry and I are on a whirlwind adventure, surely we should be snapping photos and writing to our heart’s content about all the terrific things we’re experiencing. The simple truth is that the Internet broke throughout the whole of West Sumatra. I know that sounds made up but […]


Guess what, guys? D’mitry and I made it to Padang. That’s almost as great as riding a giraffe. So far we haven’t achieved much. But the plane ride was semi eventful. Imagine, if you will, Descending the steps from an aircraft and breaking into a brisk walk as soon as you hit the tarmac. Then […]

It’s finally happening!

That moment you have all been waiting for, anxiously balanced on the edge of your seats for more than a whole month while I’ve been lazy and not kept you up to date, is finally here. D’mitry is about to embark on his next great adventure. On Saturday we will be getting up ridiculously early. I’m […]