It’s finally happening!

That moment you have all been waiting for, anxiously balanced on the edge of your seats for more than a whole month while I’ve been lazy and not kept you up to date, is finally here. D’mitry is about to embark on his next great adventure.

On Saturday we will be getting up ridiculously early. I’m indifferent to this experience after being up for work at all hours of the night and/or morning recently but for D’mitry this may be quite a shock. Last time we went on a great adventure abroad the flight left in the evening which meant no early alarms but a lot of pacing all day until finally I could go to the airport. After our early rise we will bid farewell and be on our way to West Sumatra.

Even though plane rides are mind numbing and, as far as an active person like me is concerned, comparable to having your fingernails ripped out by rusty pliers held by a massive vicious bear with fangs, I have to say I’m so excited I’m practically dancing around my house. Luckily for D’mitry he is safely tucked away inside my backpack so he doesn’t have to witness such a spectacle. But you’re not here to discuss my budding dancing career. Or that time I rode an MS Paint giraffe (although that is something everyone wants to discuss at some point in the future, I’m sure).

Also it’s D’mitry’s birthday soon. It seems fitting; my birthday coincided with our last adventure abroad and now his coincides with this one. As far as this blog is concerned, it’s going to be the best two months ever! I understand the gravity of such a statement but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. Because if you’re not you quite possibly lack a sense of adventure and then you are comparable to a rock. Are you a rock? The answer is no. Because deep down you are thrilled. Admit it.


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