Fast food abroad


I know what you’re all thinking. Why on earth would anyone go to a western style fast food restaurant when they are in an exotic not western location? I have some opinions on this matter. There are those who disagree with me but I can always just edit a photo of these people in MS Paint until it looks like their head is exploding or something.

From my experiences, I have found that fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s tend to be different in each country. Why? Because different cultures eat different food. My favourite McDonald’s experience was in India, long before D’mitry and I became adventure buddies. Everybody loves cows, especially Hindus so naturally beef is illegal in India, leaving McDonalds with a variety of chicken and veggie burgers. It’s the single most unique McDconald’s experience I’ve up ever had. Indonesia’s version isn’t quite as different to home but I still maintain the cultural validity of a McDonald’s experience. Rice. I know this isn’t the only country to sell rice at fast food outlets but it’s not something I can order at my local Maccas just because I feel like it.

I have found that the food offered at international fast food chain restaurants tends to reflect the eating habits of the local population. I don’t mean to talk up my discovery, but this is pretty revolutionary stuff. I mean, hardcore travelers would frown upon my international visits to eateries I could easily frequent at home but what I’m trying to demonstrate is that eating at fast food places can be a legitimate cultural experience. The fact that my group and I were the only foreigners inside this McDonald’s has to provide at least some support for my claim. And I always go out of my way to order the food I know I can’t get at home.

So having rice at McDonalds is new and exciting for someone as excitable as me. So naturally D’mitry had his photo taken with my rice. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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