Why we love technology oh so much

So why am I not writing updates? D’mitry and I are on a whirlwind adventure, surely we should be snapping photos and writing to our heart’s content about all the terrific things we’re experiencing. The simple truth is that the Internet broke throughout the whole of West Sumatra.

I know that sounds made up but I can assure you it’s actually happened. It all started when the hotel wifi seemed to stop working then we realized 3G wasn’t working either. Then we found out mobile phones couldn’t send/receive calls or texts. So it’s not just limited to Internet. We can’t be sure how long this technological melt down will last but if you read this you can safely assume it’s over. Or I’ve arrived home in which case you have had to wait a very long time to read this. Thanks for hanging around, you have a special place in my heart now.

Not having Internet for a day (which is how long my time experiencing the dark ages has lasted so far) has all but driven me nuts. How did I ever survive without reliable internet? I must have done something for the first 11 years of my life in which I didn’t use Internet to connect with people. There must have been some form of communication before text messaging that I used before I got my first mobile phone as a teenager. This is about as frustrating as trying to negotiate peace terms between a leopard seal and a penguin.

So please find it in your heart to forgive the lack of updates despite the super exciting adventures you know D’mitry and I are enjoying. Deep down you know it’s really not our fault.


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