The stegosaurus of success

The stegosaurus of success

I know this isn’t a stegosaurus. Stop shouting at your computer screen in frustration. There is a story behind why this new dinosaur (who is very much not a stegosaurus) came to be named the stegosaurus of success.

My sister studies geology because apparently rocks are useful for more than just throwing at people. In her first week she was introduced to a series of dinosaurs known as the stegosauruses of success, a mighty band of heroes ready to reward students for diligent and creative note taking. My sister instantly wanted to win a stegosaurus.

It turns out that only one of the dinosaurs was actually a stegosaurus but that’s a minor detail. My sister poured her heart into earning a stegosaurus of success, only to be denied what should have rightfully been hers every single week. She began to lose hope and confided to me that perhaps a friendship between D’mitry and a legendary dinosaur was never meant to be.

And then the last week of class began. I was quietly minding my own business when I received an unexpected visit from sister-dearest. She was clearly excited about something trivial so I indulged her in a little attention but when she produced the stegosaurus of success from her bag I went nuts and was suddenly as excited as her. Have you ever seen two young adults get that excited over a tiny yellow dinosaur before? The answer is no. Because nothing can describe just how happy we were. That dinosaur was so much more than a mere toy. It represented success and now D’mitry could have a friend who actually has a head! (Do yourself a favour and read “A Shocking Discovery”).

And so, from this day forth we welcome a new dinosaur into D’mitry’s world. And that dinosaur shall be named Stegosaurus of Success.


One thought on “The stegosaurus of success

  1. apparently the thing above it’s head was hollow and it used to hit it against stuff to make communication noises…stupid dinosaur…i mean thank you stegasaurus of success 😀

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