As a tertiary student, hoodies are an important part of my life. The comfort and practicality aren’t the only reasons hoodies are a student’s best friend, although that does play a huge part. Hoodies are also a marker of identity. Have you ever heard of a university logo printed on a button up shirt for students to wear proudly? Didn’t think so. Of course, there are such things as T-shirts and hats with universtiy logos but neither can match the comfort of a hoodie or the fact it eliminates the need for an umbrella, therefore giving me more space in my bag for things like sandwiches and coffee money.

I wear hoodies a lot. Not every day and if given the choice between rugby jumpers or being hit by a bus I’d definitely betray hoodies by wearing their arch nemesis. But aside from that, I really like hoodies.

I began to suspect D’mitry was becoming jealous of my superior warmth and comfort, particualrly seeing as he doesn’t wear clothes at all (how inappropriate. I’ll make sure he knows society frowns upon this).

So I decided to solve this problem the way I solve most problems. By taking a photo and altering it in MS Paint until it resembles the outcome I desire (but don’t get me wrong, Count Franklin really is evil. If you don’t know what I’m on about perhaps you should refresh yourself on the history of D’mitry’s arch nemesis under archives). D’mitry now has a hoodie that is rather similar to more than one of mine. And by that I mean it’s the same colour.

So as winter sets in I’ll be ready with my army of hoodies and so will D’mitry. Provided we have access to MS Paint.


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