Shiny music

Shiny music

Firstly, I’m slightly disappointed. I promised to post something new in return for more likes on D’mitry’s Facebook page. I wasn’t expecting one like but a promise is a promise. Just remember my generosity should we ever go through another time of me not posting for ages (like just after the great adventure…. That was a dark time).

Now let’s talk about this picture. I like music. Most people do and many dinosaurs, including D’mitry, do too. D’mitry has seen me on countless occasions pick up my trumpet and be awesome (and, if you remember, he joined me and the exotic xylophones for kerawitan sessions). So I suppose he became a little jealous of my ability to pour jazz from a shiny piece of twisted metal. Thankfully I had a replacement for him. A trumpet magnet on a metal book stand. It’s a poor replacement, I know but D’mitry seemed happy enough. Maybe he’s pretending all the music is coming from his little trumpet rather than mine.
The important thing is that now D’mitry feels included in the world of music which has so often discriminated against T-Rexes due to the simple fact their arms are too small to hold most instruments and singing sounds like, well, dinosaur shrieks.


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