Epic journey to the cold lands

We journeyed to the cold lands where everything is flat and people are more coat than human. Logically, to me it seems the mountains should be colder but it seems we left regular winter with the mountains and opted for something a little more extreme. D’mitry and I decided to experience the frozen prairies for […]

The excitement of moss and rocks

  In January, I went on a trial trip South. After enjoying a zoo more than the children around me and eating an amazing burger, plus onion rings that were practically an entire onion, segmented and deep fried, I decided Washington is a nice place. So I went back with D’mitry fiercely in my pocket. […]

Lost pictures

This whole “lost pictures” concept seems to have become a thing. So here they are, the collection of D’mitry portraits taken along the way that I didn’t come up with posts for! Now with captions! If this doesn’t look like dinosaur habitat I don’t know what does. Just hanging out in a volcanic steam vent. […]