Epic journey to the cold lands

We journeyed to the cold lands where everything is flat and people are more coat than human. Logically, to me it seems the mountains should be colder but it seems we left regular winter with the mountains and opted for something a little more extreme. D’mitry and I decided to experience the frozen prairies for […]

Hedgehogs are great

If we stretch back far enough, we might have some vague memories of D’mitry’s old nemesis Cyril the Cat. However, it turns out that not all pets are nemeses, just cats because they are jerks. And also one particular turtle but that’s something else entirely. Recently, I achieved a life-long dream and obtained a pet […]

Hiking is the best thing ever invented

I make this claim a lot. I’m yet to be successfully counter-argued because, in all honesty, any counter-argument is flawed by nature. Hiking really is the best. The problem with hiking, and it in no way takes away from the fact that it is awesome, is that sometimes it is required to be a group […]