Philanthropic dinosaurs are the best sorts of dinosaurs

Remember that time I promo-ed the Green Pledge because I like the environment? It turns out I also like people. Today I’m promo-ing Coldest Night of the Year. Because homelessness, frankly, sucks. I’d say we’ve all slept on the ground at some point in our lives. In fact, I did only last week at a […]

Stillwood and Dinosaurs

It should be clear by now that working with and mentoring children and teenagers is kind of my thing. For D’mitry, kids aren’t much different to adults because everyone tends to react the same when a tiny little T-rex screeches at them but for me, working with youth is something I get super excited about. […]

I like trees and animals and mountains

I don’t own anything tie-dyed and personally I think it looks awful. No hate to those who enjoy it but it’s really not my thing. Recently, my sister commented on how hippy I seem to be turning out. I’m not actually very¬†hippy, particularly on the tie-dye and drug-taking front, both of which are non-existent in […]