Spare time?

I have an awesome job. Had I known that getting a real people job would turn out like this, I might not have complained so much about growing up. I spend most of my time outside, tricking kids into learning school things by teaching them in a forest. The best part is that I can go take photos of dinosaurs in nature and no one thinks I’m weird; if anything it actually helps me fit in. Sometimes my job requires me to do things I would be doing in my leisure time anyway, like walking a half day hike eight times in one week or standing ankle deep in a creek for an hour. Sometimes, I work really long hours and don’t take photos of D’mitry accompanying me on adventures. Just remember that my job is itself kind of an adventure, which makes up for the office work and odd jobs I’ll be spending most of my time on over the winter.

Here’s an old picture to tide you over. Never forget, I may work hard and long hours right now and have very little spare time, but my job is almost certainly better than yours.


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