The in between


I like cold weather. It’s partly because skiing is my life but also because it means there are less people on hiking trails and blankets are the best. What I am less a fan of, however, is the in between weather that comes after it’s been freezing cold but before it gets warm. It’s like the weather version of a shrug and means I get really into vests, which are definitely the most confusing item of clothing. It’s like saying I want only between my shoulders and hips to be warm, but screw the rest of me, those bits can stay cold. Yet somehow vests make sense during the in between weather. Things also look less beautiful during this meh kind of weather. I will always love the forest and the mountains and even the beach on overcast, rainy days, but that kind of weather definitely takes away the vibrant colours that can be experienced during better, or even worse weather. Have you seen the environment during a storm? It’s awesome. The dull-coloured in between weather also tends to mean chunks of slushy, half-melted snow and that is usually gross. I love snow. I love not snow. None of this in between nonsense.

I also lose a lot of motivation to take photos during this kind of weather. I don’t edit my photos because I like to take natural shots and let nature do the images for me (D’mitry is the only enhancement, but he is actually there, not Photoshopped in). So above is the only photo I’ve taken in weeks, with all the dull colours of an overcast, in between weather day. Enjoy it until I take more dinosaur photos after the weather improves or deteriorates. I’m fine with either.

For those wanting photo evidence of my ski adventures this winter, sorry, it snowed too much for photos. Also I was distracted skiing. I’m not ashamed of my priorities.


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