You know when everyone is sick but you’re all healthy and you’re like “I’m not sick, you’re sick! Ahahahaha!” Then a week later, just as everyone gets back to business after getting better, you start feeling that sore throat starting. You can only kid yourself into thinking you’re just dehydrated for so long before you finally have to accept the grim reality that you’re just plain old sick and not only that, you’re sick a week later than everyone else. This is bad because no one is there to sympathise with you and everyone has already used up all their pity on the fist wave of sick people. Being sick sucks. Especially when you’re the last to get sick.

Patience for adventures while I try to coax D’mitry into making me tea, even if he would spill most of it with his tiny and inflexible little arms. We did go skiing, I’ll tell you all about it when I can stay sitting up for more than ten minutes.


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