Epic journey to the cold lands

We journeyed to the cold lands where everything is flat and people are more coat than human. Logically, to me it seems the mountains should be colder but it seems we left regular winter with the mountains and opted for something a little more extreme. D’mitry and I decided to experience the frozen prairies for the first time in order to spend Christmas with New Family while Old Family endures a heat wave in the southern hemisphere, where even the cold lands are dying under the sun. Can’t complain, I’m a winter person so I’m happy.

And to make matters even better, we discovered a new animal to add to the list of fun animals D’mitry encounters on his adventures: arctic cows. They’re even more exciting than lava chickens. Although, disappointingly, we are not technically in the arctic, the fact that cow poo freezes on contact with the ground is, to me, close enough. Tim even threw a lump of frozen cow poo at me because he’s a lovable jerk.

I’m also told there’s a chance we could see northern lights here and if that’s not arctic I don’t know what is. I’m probably more excited about the prospect of seeing northern lights than I would be about meeting the cast of Jurassic Park, and that’s an entire series of movies all about dinosaurs. That’s saying a lot.

Everyone needs an aloof silhouette shot, looking longingly into the distance. Even D’mitry.

In case anyone was wondering, it was D’mitry’s birthday exactly one month ago. Spread some love around to celebrate.

Blessed Christmas to all those who love me enough to read about my adventures with my dinosaur. We love you.


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