Hedgehogs are great

If we stretch back far enough, we might have some vague memories of D’mitry’s old nemesis Cyril the Cat. However, it turns out that not all pets are nemeses, just cats because they are jerks. And also one particular turtle but that’s something else entirely. Recently, I achieved a life-long dream and obtained a pet hedgehog. This might not seem like a big deal, but let’s remember that I grew up in Australia where hedgehogs are nothing more than an adorable legend. Now D’mitry has a new buddy named Truffles.

It turns out hedgehogs are not easy to photograph, particularly when the one we adopted wasn’t cared for particularly well in its last home and, even though we feel good about providing a better, loving home for her now, she gets super grumpy about absolutely everything, even being given treats. Progress is slow but certain and hedgehog/dinosaur photos will follow shortly, trust me.

In other news: it’s winter and that means ski adventures! We already spent a ridiculous amount on upgrading our ski gear so the least you can do is read about us using it. Get ready for tales of powdery (mis)adventure and frosty photos of D’mitry.


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