Limited time offer: read one adventure, get a second one free

You get two adventures in this post. The first is my grand return, followed by  my less grand re-departure. I went back to Australia and hung out with my family and array of close friends, plus went on a few trips which involved everything from sideways, freezing cold rain and hail to super hot sunshine.

Melbourne is not a warm place for half the year. Sydney, however, always seems to be warm. You know the weather is bad when you drive to the trailhead of a great multi-day hike and decide that you don’t want to pitch a tent in this kind of storm, so you sleep in your little tiny car that is more built for the likes of D’mitry than two adult humans. You know it’s really bad when the park ranger speaks to you the next morning and says “look, I can’t really stop you, but please don’t go”. It was a pretty bad storm. Not only that, but the sideways rain and hail, combined with ocean spray from the coastal super winds made dinosaur photography impossible. Sorry, no cool storm pictures of D’mitry. Thankfully, the ski resorts were in full swing to make up for the lack of hiking options. Skiing absolutely counts as a good replacement.

After braving the Victorian coast and mountain regions, I became a tourist in my own country so fiance could show his Canadian side and D’mitry could show his little tiny T-rex spirit. So we went to Sydney. We had grand plans to teach fiance to surf and take dinosaur photos in the sand, which was heavily encouraged by 30 degree weather that made us feel like we were dying after sunny Melbourne. What we learned, however, is that you should always check the surf before hiring surfboards. Several hours and only a handful of half decent waves later, we settled for sand castles.

Returning to Melbourne held some new exciting adventures, this time for some awesome friends. A huge congratulations from us and a little dinosaur roar from D’mitry to Jake and Amy on their engagement, we were so happy to be in the country to celebrate when it happened! Although it does force me to the conclusion that I have reached the time of life where the newsfeed is full of engagements or weddings and the pregnancies are no longer accidental. D’mitry has the luxury of being non-biodegradable which, although a questionable attribute environmentally, means he is immune from growing older. Being in Melbourne again meant a week of celebration, dinners with family, drinks with friends and super quick packing of all the stuff I should have brought to Canada the first time. Then we were on our way back North.

That was the first adventure. The second happened two weeks later: we got married. Myself and fiance, that is. The truth is that D’mitry and I just don’t feel that way about each other, plus the whole cross species thing is weird. Also he is made of plastic and that doesn’t help matters, Although he is still the world’s greatest adventure dinosaur. The wedding was super fun but I came to the conclusion that weddings are weird. You turn up in fancy clothes, have a very meaningful ceremony and make some promises, then throw a party for everyone while they all ask you a million questions and keep telling you to kiss. The bad part is that fancy dresses don’t have pockets so D’mitry missed out on witnessing a time-honoured elemental part of our culture. Weddings are weird.

In case anyone was wondering, the duck is an old friend of D’mitry’s from a prior trip to Sydney. Always catch up with old friends, even if you think it’ll be weird. It’s never as weird as suddenly realizing it’s been two years since you last saw them. 


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