Just pretend it was time travel

We kind of fell off the face of the planet, didn’t we? Suddenly it’s six months later and I have a lot of adventures to catch you up on.

I like to think of our extended absence as like a time machine rather than a disappointing inconvenience. We left off with an announcement about my engagement and D’mitry’s happy discovery that rings make great neck accessories for tiny dinosaurs, and now suddenly it’s four days until the wedding. That itself is super awesome but here is a list of other cool things we did between April and now:

1. I ended my brief dabble in the retail industry and returned to working in outdoor instruction. It was beautiful.

2. I drove boats and dead lifted canoes all summer while D’mitry took up residence in my dry bag along with my wallet, phone and a very large assortment of keys.

3. Fiancé joined D’mitry and me on a trip to Australia so we could show him the exciting sites of my childhood, such as which supermarket I frequented, my favourite car wash place and the exceedingly large number of houses I have lived in. If you hadn’t already figured out that I’m Australian, you world must be shattered. Not sorry. 

Now we are back in Canada and we have real people jobs like real adults, except D’mitry who somehow gets away with living carefree on my desk while we both wait for our next adventure.

After a few requests, more details will be published about the Australia trip and what we actually got up to other than showing Tim mundane things and having him experience first hand my family’s inappropriate (and hilarious) style of humour. And relax, D’mitry will feature. 


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