Special announcement from your favourite dinosaur

The day D’mitry was rescued from that squalid mud puddle was the best day of his, and my, life. In the simple act of picking up his tiny plastic form, we both gained an adventure buddy that brought unspeakable joy to all subsequent journeys. That is now changing slightly. Not being the jealous type, D’mitry has embraced the new changes, knowing that he now has two adventure buddies: his beloved Mon and the elusive Boyfriend who recently upgraded to Fiance. I’m getting married and D’mitry sees the benefit for him in this engagement. More people means more adventures.

I suppose some would say marriage itself is an adventure but I don’t see it that way. What I see is that I now have a life-long adventure buddy to travel, hike, ski, kayak, bike and slide down glaciers on my butt with. And he’s stuck with me (willingly, apparently).

There are a few adventures in the works right now, sit tight and they will be here soon. It’s worth the wait to read all about my travels with my TWO adventure buddies.

Mon & D’mitry…. & Tim.




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