The excitement of moss and rocks



In January, I went on a trial trip South. After enjoying a zoo more than the children around me and eating an amazing burger, plus onion rings that were practically an entire onion, segmented and deep fried, I decided Washington is a nice place. So I went back with D’mitry fiercely in my pocket. This time, however, I became a forest nomad for five days, living out of my Jeep instead of spending a weekend in the city. I reverted to my unshowered, barefoot, loose clothing ways and loved it. I even had a designated ‘bedroom’ and ‘kitchen’ area in the back of the car. Never mind that I was sleeping on a pile of blankets and eating nothing but ham and cheese sandwiches, apples and trail mix for five days. Some would envy such a carefree lifestyle. I find it kind of liberating.


It was a rather long drive from Canada to the first campsite, with a border official who thought I was nuts. For real, he thought I was actually crazy for driving hours to go camping alone in the rain. He knows nothing of adventure, unlike D’mitry. This is why a small plastic dinosaur is my adventure buddy, who’s crazy now? The plan was to spend an entire day hiking through the forest but a recent cougar sighting in the area had me concerned for D’mitry’s safety so I protectively opted for driving through the forest instead. Dang was it worth it. I’ve done a lot of driving, both as driver and passenger, through crazy scenery but this drive, aside from the life threatening narrow mountain roads with views so good it’s terrifying (because you might become part of that view), has to be among the top few. Perhaps I still haven’t worn out the novelty of everything in sight being covered in crazy moss, after all I haven’t lived in the Northern Hemisphere very long, but it was an amazing drive.

Considering dinosaur photos were lacking and we’d already started wearing a camp headband, indicating an advanced level of not showering, we made a stop in a rainforest. Despite the cougar sightings, I couldn’t help but risk a few kilometres which made way for some fine, mossy, rainforesty dinosaur photography. I have a newfound love for moss. Not only does it look super cool, but when you are grubby from camping and not showering and it won’t stop raining, it provides an excellent way to wash your hands and face. I should create a line of designer moss sponges.



Eventually I drove to the coast for some beachy camping but, forgive me, it just doesn’t feel like a beach without sand. That doesn’t mean the beach I visited wasn’t awesome; beach rocks are my new favourite thing. They’re just so smooth and make really nice sounds when you stack them. It was totally worth walking 3km along a muddy in the rain to get there, especially because some old guy pulled over, kind creepy initially, just to tell me there were otters in the river next to the road. Here I was, soaking wet and holding onto D’mitry for dear life when the old guy who had suddenly pulled over next to me pointed out one of the most awesome animals on the planet (don’t even try to argue that). Best day ever.

Inevitably, the rain had to stop at some point. That point was my last night, camping on a coastal point before a full day of driving home. It was really nice to be able to read a book outside instead of justifying having to sit in my car out of the rain by playing guitar and singing, both very average quality, as loud as I possibly could. I’m back home now, trying to get my life in some kind of order before I start working again next week. At least I have a real people job.



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