Philanthropic dinosaurs are the best sorts of dinosaurs

Remember that time I promo-ed the Green Pledge because I like the environment? It turns out I also like people. Today I’m promo-ing Coldest Night of the Year. Because homelessness, frankly, sucks.

I’d say we’ve all slept on the ground at some point in our lives. In fact, I did only last week at a New Year party after all the spare beds, couches and futons were claimed. I laid a blanket down on tiled floor, curled up and had a restless night. Sleeping on tiles is cold and super uncomfortable but, I can only imagine, not nearly as cold and uncomfortable as sleeping on concrete, outside, in the middle of winter. That sounds like less fun than being mauled by a bear. At least bears are warm.

I also remember having surgery on a finger I mashed in a car door and having to eat nothing for a day. By the end of that day, just before the anaesthetist did his thing, I remember thinking how terrible it would be to feel like that every single day, with my stomach so hollow it hurt. And that was only one day of not eating. Homelessness sucks.

Let’s consider how D’mitry and I met; I’ve mentioned finding him in a mud puddle countless times so I can only assume he knows a thing or two about being homeless. He might be able to understand a little better than I can just how much homelessness sucks. For me, however, I just have to grasp the understanding that my one night of sleeping on cold tiles and one day of eating nothing, both of which sucked, doesn’t suck nearly as much as being homeless and doing those things, but worse, every single day.

So we’re raising money to fight homelessness. Your support would be super appreciated and D’mitry would want to wrap his tiny little T-rex arms around you and hug you passionately. If you need any further reason to support us, other than the fact homelessness sucks, you might see an actual picture of me on the team page (not just one I drew of myself like the one in the “about” page). I’m a rather private person who chooses to showcase my dinosaur instead of myself but I think I can make an exception for generous supporters of this cause. Peace.

To donate (and make D’mitry’s day) follow this link:


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