Chuck a snowie


I’m trying to make the phrase international. If “chuck a sickie” means to pretend to be sick to get out of work, then “chuck a snowie” is the skiing equivalent. Now, I may not be rich enough to actually skip work, but I have been doing the “snowie” part on my days off. It’s ski season and I’m thrilled. D’mitry has more hiking experience than skiing and so he too was extatic about my snow day antics. Although I missed a season and haven’t skied in actual powder snow for years, I’ve been having the time of my life and not caring that I can’t really walk after a full day on the mountain. Literally, after the first day I drove home and proceeded to fall over as I exited the car.

Thanks to some heroes from back home, I also have some natural gummy dinosaurs that have graced my backpack as a ski snack. D’mitry made friends with a pink gummy T-rex but, considering he was just a badass shaped blob, D’mitry wasn’t too upset when I ate his new friend.

Snow is the best thing ever. Also dinosaurs.


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