Little hiking

As opposed to big hiking. Where I come from, “hiking” means strapping on a pack and heading into the wilderness for a few days, practically being a nomad. I’ve spent many happy days disappearing into the mountains or along the coast with somewhere between 15-20kg on my back and a different campsite every night. In Canada, hiking means anything from the multiple day nomadic adventure I’ve experienced to a casual stroll through the forest. Yesterday, D’mitry and I did what I have dubbed little hiking. There was a mountain with a noodle factory of paths winding up it, so we climbed it. No pack, no campsite, just a few hours of little hiking. It was definitely more than a walk, just not quite as much of a hike as I’m accustomed to, hence little hiking. It’s going to be a thing, trust me. We had a fantastic time disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with trees, which hasn’t happened for a few weeks. Trees and mountains are ranked alongside ¬†dinosaurs in my favourite things so I feel pretty content with everything and D’mitry is always up for an adventure. Unfortunately no dinosaur photos, although get excited for some quality shots as we have a new photo taking device! It’s similar to the old one, just a few different functions. Bear with us as we figure it out and D’mitry analyses which camera angles flatter him the most.


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