Moose hunt

I once ran an activity for kids called moose hunt. It was supposed to be Canadian themed and last for 10-15 minutes so I printed countless little pictures of moose and hid them. One moose was special. He was gold and had “king moose” written beneath his picture. He was called the Spruce Moose and was worth 10 points as opposed to a regular moose which was worth 1 point. Long story short, the activity was a lot of fun and I am now Chief Moose Hunter. I also claim to be pretty good at wrestling paper print-outs of bears but that’s another story.

Earlier this week my moose hunting reached a whole new level of awesome and this time D’mitry was there to witness the greatness. I actually saw part of a moose. Initially I wasn’t sure what part I was seeing considering the moose was in slice form and lying amid various roasted vegetables on my plate. Moose tastes good, by the way. A little later I saw more of that moose, this time in skull and deceptively heavy antler form. I now have a photo of myself with a moose head but considering D’mitry is much more photogenic than me it won’t be making an appearance on this site. Unfortunately the skull and antlers were too big to take any decent photo of D’mitry with the set. Sorry.

Hopefully one day I’ll see a moose that is still alive but for now I’m satisfied in my moose-hunting ability because I sought moose and I found it, even if the word “hunting” isn’t quite as accurate as the badass in me wants it to be.

Also I ate chocolate for breakfast this morning.


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