Finally some visuals

I know it’s been a rough road without pictures of D’mitry doing awesome things in an awesome new place. After all, this is THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER. It deserves visuals. Well my connectivity issues have been resolved and now we have pictures. Uploadable ones! Also I saw a hummingbird. I thought it was a giant bee until closer inspection. Thought it deserved a mention.

We went to a waterfall and a forest with the coolest moss I’ve ever seen. D’mitry has some serious camouflage skills in these pictures. Spot the dinosaur.










D’mitry also had fun on a rope swing after I completed a high/low ropes instructor course and found out just how dangerous rope swings are.

















Rock climbing isn’t really my thing. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t find it fun. D’mitry disagrees.

There you have it. Stay strong, more photos will follow. Everything is exciting.


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