New animals

The photos are lost. I don’t mean that in the same way that I deliver lost photos, which are just photos of adventures that I post really late, I mean they are actually lost. I cannot connect them to my computer. I now have an alternate way of connecting photos and technology but existing photos are gone. Sorry.

On the bright side, D’mitry’s list of interesting and questionable animals has now increased! Remember beach chickens, Dego the goat, elusive herbivorous fish and lava chickens? We can now add creepy beach pigeons and mysterious beavers to that collection. The beach pigeons found in Hawaii are truly terrifying, mostly because they aren’t afraid to steal your toast. Stealing my toast is one of the worst things you can do to me. I was concerned they might find D’mitry and mistake him for something tastier than toast (what could possibly be better than toast? Even D’mitry knows he’s not that delicious although he is more fun). No one wants the world’s favourite dinosaur stolen by grubby pigeons. Beavers, on the other hand, are not so obnoxious. In my brief time in Canada I have seen far too many chewed stumps to deny the existence of beavers. As such, D’mitry and I embarked on a super important quest to find the mysterious beavers. We beaver hunted for hours in vastly inappropriate footwear (minimally supporting sneakers are a bad choice for long distance walking) yet found no beavers, only munched tree stumps. Apparently beavers are most common at dusk, wish we’d known that sooner…

Regardless, spectacular mountains, huge pine trees and amazing forests are D’mitry’s favourite things things right now, not to mention that waterfall we found. We might just have to find it again in order to retry our photography efforts.

Also, remember that time when I kept using bears in simile? I thought it was hilarious at the time but in reality it was likely only mildly amusing. Well bears actually exist in this country so watch out, my bear stories might actually be real next time. Let’s hope not. Bears and dinosaurs are arch enemies.


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