Chilling in Not Canada

Photos would be nice right now and trust me, I have some. D’mitry is looking fabulous, as usual. The only problem is that my camera won’t connect to my computer. Lesson: always check your technology works before leaving home. Anyway, the last few days have been chockablock full of hiking, adventure driving, more hiking and surfing. Surprised by the last one? I’m not in Canada yet.

Hawaii is pretty great. Lots of hiking which is the best thing ever and some fantastic people that have made life fun and also made adventure driving less terrifying. Fun fact: driving on the wrong side of the road isn’t difficult; driving on the wrong side of the lane is.

Also, remember that summer I was determined to become adequate at surfing? How I had a successful surf session once and then failed for the rest of the summer? Well it turns out my efforts were not futile. After a few hours in the Hawaiian waves it turns out I am indeed adequate, perhaps even not bad. Next thing you know I’ll actually be pretty good. Give it some time, just you wait and see. I did, however, sustain a minor injury, just like last time. Instead of getting smashed in the knee with a surfboard I gradually developed a super sore rotator cuff from mystery surf-related causes. I really don’t know why this happened, only that it was something to do with surfing. Although the range of motion in my right arm is average at best right now, there is nothing a little bit of ice cream can’t fix. Problem solved, or at least my happiness is doing well.

D’mitry has posed for artistic shots overlooking spectacular views and narrowly missed a great shot in a 1920s style coffee shop. It was awesome. Hawaii has treated us well for the past five days and we’re sad to leave but Canada calls us. Soon we will take off on a relievingly shorter flight than the one from home to Hawaii and then it’ll be all about moose and maple leaves. Maybe even an over excited Mon who will embarrass D’mitry with enthusiasm. Lucky he can’t run away on his useless little legs.


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