We has plane ticket.

You know things are getting serious when you say these words to your mother:
“You know how I’m leaving the country? Well, there is a possibility I might not come back.”

You also know your mother is a little bit awesome when she replies with “Duh”.

D’mitry and Mon are leaving in five and half hours. I’ve been counting down the days from 56 by writing it on my fridge amongst all the fun magnets and drawings because I am a teacher and I have whiteboard markers and I must use them. My point is that THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER is happening today and for the foreseeable future. Get excited.

For those who know me well, no I have not finished packing. No, I am not stressed about that in the slightest. I am also not scared by the concept of leaving my home and my family for a long time, or even forever, although I am terrified of mildly offending people with incorrect tipping. Apparently tipping is a thing in Canada. It isn’t in my country but surely I’ll figure it out. Big thanks to everyone I caught up with over the last two weeks, I feel super loved. Like, more loved than the giant toy panda I had as a child that just seemed like it was made for hugging, especially before the age of seven when the panda was actually bigger than me. I digress.

Enjoy the mental image of me stuck on an aeroplane for an unspeakable number of hours. We all know I can’t sit still ever. At least some of us can enjoy it. D’mitry gets to recline in the spacious comfort of my backpack, the cheeky little bastard.

Also new hashtag!


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