Remember this old chestnut? I’ve been slack and not kept you informed about it. But that just makes it even more intense to tell you that I’m going on this huge adventure in two weeks. Yep. Time flies when you’re lazy.

In my defence, lazy has coincided with the exhaustion of tying up the loose ends of my life because I’m practically (perhaps even literally) moving to another country. If that’s not a massive adventure surely nothing is. So here is your official announcement: I am going overseas. For any amount of time between six months and forever. D’mitry is coming with me, naturally. I couldn’t live without my adventure buddy, especially because we are going to (wait for it) Canada. As my sister to eloquently put it, Canada is Mon-land. Hiking and paddling and skiing and fun things.

But wait, there’s more. This doesn’t end with Canada. Expect subsequent announcements about other exciting locations and activities and dinosaur-centred photography because we will be going everywhere. Yep, that’s right. Everywhere. So keep visiting, posts should be more frequent and full of A-grade material from the plethora of adventures within THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER. So next time you decide you need to Internet to watch a video about puppies or check how many people have liked that photo you took of yourself in top notch active wear, why not swing by D’mitry’s site and keep up to date?


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