Beachy camping goodness


I know I’m a little late with this one. It’s old news but the photos and activities are so fantastic I don’t really care. I’m just sorry it took over a month for me to post these.

D’mitry and Mon went camping at the beach because it was an abnormally hot start to summer. Armed with three nuts that are passably friends and a car full of junk, we encountered all the experiences free campsites have to offer, including but not limited to:
– The grumpy old man obsessed with speed limits who became known as “Camp Enemy”
– Hours on end of the same Dixie Chicks album played on repeat in a nearby camp
– Strange looks from surf fishermen who thought we were crazy for swimming in unpatrolled beaches
– Discovering the patrolled beach was actually more dangerous than the unpatrolled one. Also more crowded.
– Contributing to the poetry on the walls of the drop toilet shack with a little ditty about butts.


D’mitry also tried his hand at surf fishing with mixed results (good: it’s a great photo; bad: he had no hope of catching anything). Afterwards he stood on a jetty and we had a very near miss when he fell off the post shortly after this photo was taken.


Thankfully he landed on the jetty instead of in the water which was super deep. We almost lost D’mitry forever. This was not the only near miss of the trip. After a risky swim in the unpatrolled waters, I decided pants are for losers and walked back to camp in bathers and a loose shirt while holding my shorts. D’mitry had been safe and sound in my pocket until he fell out when I nearly dropped the shorts. He was saved by friend and super hero Bophie who’s butt is the stuff of legends. Seriously can’t thank Super Bophie enough for saving D’mitry from another mud puddle-like incident.


Many things happen on road trips to the beach, including taking pictures with various outdoor Christmas decorations that have been left up for an extra week or so. I wonder if the owners will find photos on the Internet of their prized decorations and 3-4 young adults grinning like idiots or just plainly being idiots… Unfortunately no dinosaur photos with Christmas decorations. The Christmas horse and Santa’s campsite were just too big to make D’mitry visible.


More summer adventures to come plus more information on THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER which is progressing nicely and should be completely teed up and ready to go within the month. What I can tell you now is that this incredible feat of humankind will be beginning in April shortly after my graduation ceremony. That’s several things for you to look forward to! D’mitry is the dinosaur that just keeps on giving!


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