Things we do to pass time

I’m really starting to get used to the idea of having days off. It’s a phenomena that I haven’t been able to enjoy for a while and at first I was suspicious, skeptical of the fact that there was absolutely nothing I had to achieve in order to continue being a human. But now I’ve embraced it whole-heartedly.

Having spare time means more opportunities to go outside and indulge D’mitry in the finest adventure photography known to Mon. Here’s a brief summary of the past few weeks.

I went kayaking with people I’d never met. Again, I haven’t been able to fashion an adequate flotation device for D’mitry yet so don’t ask for photos but it was awesome to be in a boat again.

We also went hiking. Four days of wandering the high plains is a fantastic way to spend rainy days. Even when everything is soaking wet or being blasted with gale force winds. It makes you feel like you’re earning your right to survive, rather exhilarating.

And finally, I did something completely different and attended a formal for my graduation. Now I can officially claim to have two bachelor degrees and a diploma in addition to an assortment of photos showing my ability to pull faces while dressed fancy. Skills.

Here is a collection of photos from the hiking trip, showing D’mitry thriving in his natural habitat and leaning against my water bottle to support his near useless legs. It’s an unfortunate disability.

20151102_095932 20151102_100010 20151102_100151 20151102_103814

Do you know what a cairne is? Basically a pile of rocks used as a marker. It’s customary to add a rock to the pile so I took up the challenge of adding the biggest rock I could find. It was a struggle but I was triumphantly successful and this is the result. I am absolutely proudly pointing at the rock I added.


It’s massive. I’m so pleased.


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