News Update: The Adventure Front

Just a short piece today. You should appreciate the fact that I’m posting anything at all considering how recent my last post was. Don’t let your hopes soar too high. Then again, perhaps you should because I’m about to share something really exciting.

Have you ever had a job interview at 6am? I have. In fact, it was 5.53am. Side note, the best part about Skype interviews is being able to wear pajama pants or no pants at all. No one will ever know.

I won’t say much more at this point because nothing is certain yet but those who are keen observers of D’mitry’s Facebook page will have noted that we are currently laying some ground work for THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER. This interview is all part of that process. This is going to be huge.

So, in the words of The Wombats, “we could be gigantic” and I’m well on my way.

NB: I don’t mean gigantic in the sense of eating too much and having to roll everywhere and struggle to fit through doors without the lubricating qualities of butter. I’m not sure if that kind of gigantic is even possible for me. I mean gigantic as an abstract concept. You’re with it. Forget it.


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