The moment we have been waiting for: Mon avoids becoming a responsible adult/real person

Remember earlier this year when I was complaining about having to become a real person this year because I’m graduating? Me neither. It was a long time ago. But here I am, graduating. In a few short weeks I’ll no longer be a student and I have already finished all my work so it’s simply a matter of sitting tight and waiting. But have I become a real person yet? Absolutely not.

This realisation came to me a little while ago as I stared into my fridge contemplating breakfast at 11am only to find that the only food (for lack of a better word) I owned was two bottles of beer and a mushroom. That is the point when I start to look around for a responsible adult to fix my problem and promptly realise I am in fact that responsible adult. It’s never a good realisation. Despite this, I have done a few adult things, like search for real people jobs with real salaries. There have been a handful of interviews which I would almost consider an adventure considering how far I had to drive but something tells me I shouldn’t ask an interview panel if I can photograph my dinosaur and still hold high hopes of getting the job. Therefore, I have no D’mitry photos of my job interview adventures.

I can already hear the raging from some who ask “If you’re not studying anymore and you don’t have a real people job yet, why are there not more adventure photos of D’mitry?? I feel unjustly deprived!” You know what? I feel unjustly deprived too but rest assured, there are several adventures in the pipeline:

  1. Kayaking at some point before Christmas
  2. A trip to the high plains for some hiking and general mountain goodness
  3. Another trip to the mountains (although different ones) for more hiking
  4. A big surprise

I know that last one caught your attention. More details to come. Also, I went into the city today because I could. I just felt like it so I did. I was also out of food (again) and thought going to a city cafe for eggs on toast sounded much more fun than going grocery shopping. Responsible adult strikes again. I did, however, forget to bring D’mitry. Responsible blogger and dinosaur owner strikes again. I am very aware of the lack of recent D’mitry photos and plan to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


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