I like trees and animals and mountains

Hippy D'mitry

I don’t own anything tie-dyed and personally I think it looks awful. No hate to those who enjoy it but it’s really not my thing. Recently, my sister commented on how hippy I seem to be turning out. I’m not actually very hippy, particularly on the tie-dye and drug-taking front, both of which are non-existent in my life unless coffee counts as a drug, but I think she was referring to my increasing mention of the word “environment”.

I like the environment. Without it, there wouldn’t be so many exciting adventures for me to take D’mitry on. Imagine a world without fun pictures of the world’s most photogenic T-rex. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. In this respect, perhaps I have become a little bit of a hippy in latter years but it’s nothing extreme. I rarely use heating, I try to minimise the use of my car, I attempt to reduce, reuse, recycle. You get the picture.

Fun fact. “reduce, reuse, recycle” is actually listed in order of importance. It’s unfortunate that so many people focus solely on the “recycle” part and neglect the fact that if they “reduced” or “reused” a little more then there would be less need to resort to recycling. Just saying.

Back on topic, I like animals and trees and hiking through blissfully clean mountain air. I also enjoy kayaking and surfing a lot more when the water isn’t full of plastic bags and other such rubbish. Trust me, swimming at a beach teeming with plastic is disgusting. Imagine being shoulder deep in the ocean and suddenly standing on something that feels weird and having a little meltdown. Indonesia is not great at the whole “clean beach” thing (although they are taking steps to get better, kudos!)

Because I like these things so much, I want to make sure they stay nice. When a few friends of mine (coughLivandBeaniecough) suggested we sign up for the Green Pledge, I decided it was a fantastic idea. So I’ve adopted a few actions to decrease my impact on the environment. It’s only supposed to last a week but I’m hoping it’ll be enough to get me in the habit of being a little less wasteful and a little more of a tree-hugging, recycling nut. But I still don’t like tie-dye.

Here’s a great way to reuse plastic: make adventurous little dinosaurs! D’mitry and I would be thrilled to find a company who makes little toy dinosaurs from recycled plastic! Also, if you love outdoor activities and would like the environment to live up to these activities in the future, consider donating to the Green Pledge. It’s over very soon (I suppose I should have written about this sooner…) but last minute donations are always appreciated.

Also my favourite colour is green, which is an added bonus in the situation.


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