Snowless ski adventures

For those of you in tune with D’mitry’s Facebook page, you would have been treated to a top notch pun recently. All lichen jokes aside, we had a real adventure this week. After weeks of nothing but work and study, a rather adventure starved dinosaur had a few grand days out. 

Unfortunately it’s been a slow start to the ski season. This is what it looks like when you book a ski trip, the weather doesn’t do what you want but you decide to go anyway. 

A little tiny patch of crusty snow. Which was topped up with a 50cm dump over the first two days after we left. But it’s not all bad! Despite the lack of snow, I ended up with a brand new pair of awesome skis and my picture in a local paper after winning a competition. Here’s some quality life advice: always fill out surveys. Sometimes they have prizes. 

In addition to new skis, there was a series of short hikes and we all know how much D’mitry and I love hiking. Plus, these walks had suspension bridges. Anyone who doesn’t understand how great suspension bridges are clearly haven’t experienced enough of them. 

And it gets even better. We have been searching for a way to take river pictures with D’mitry since the beginning of time and now we finally have one! Just look how happy he is frolicking amongst the river stones! I was also happy while doing the same but D’mitry is the one who gets his photo taken. It’s hard for him to hold anything, especially something the size of a camera. 



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