Paddles and Sniffles

I go on adventures during the midweek because I’m living the dream. However, I’m quite possibly the busiest person on the planet which does restrict my ability to adventure. Because of this, when I was offered the chance to go for a kayak and I was actually free that day I jumped at the chance. This is the most perfect scenario ever except for the fact that I’m currently quite sick. Being rather adventure starved at the moment, I wasn’t going to let the sniffles stop me from paddling. I also wasn’t going to be stopped a cough or a throbbing headache or a lethargy or generally feeling horrible or throat so sore I actually thought “This is how I die.” So I dosed myself up on cold and flu medication and went kayaking. It was fine, I could handle it, not a problem. Until the next day when I felt like death. But that too was fine, just some more medicine and off I went to work. This cycle went on for three days before I finally got a day off and collapsed in a heap with barely enough energy to ponder just why I did this to myself. Was it worth it? I’d say so.

So it turns out I can’t handle constant activity while sick because, contrary to popular belief, I am in fact human. D’mitry sees my current state as adequate punishment for not taking him kayaking. He is yet to understand that I can’t take photos of him on the river without risking him falling in and I’m pretty sure he would sink. Perhaps we can think of flotation devices for fat dinosaurs some other time.


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