You gotta put your behind in your past

There is never a wrong moment to quote The Lion King. 

Believe it or not, I have actually travelled to places that are not Indonesia. I know that’s the only place I seem to be when abroad but that is more a result of situational convenience and the fact I have been studying the language. Why have I not written about my other adventures before now? Because they happened before I found D’mitry so it didn’t really seem fair to take up his blog with stories that don’t involve him. However life has been lacking on the adventure front in the past few weeks because, as it turns out, the final year of university tends to involve copious amounts of work. Had I known this I might have reconsidered my options (but probably not). So in the absence of recent adventures involving D’mitry, let’s hear all about some of my favourite times abroad that he sadly missed out on. 

1. That time I threw up in the snow

It’s not what you think, I swear. I was seven years old and my parents took me on a ski trip to Canada. They have this great kids program over there and every single morning I looked forward to the ski adventures to be had. Except that day I felt sick but went along anyway and ended up colouring the snow in the most unpleasant fashion. Being so young at the time, I don’t remember a lot about the trip although I vividly remember throwing up onto pristine snow. That and the medieval themed playground. I remember how awesome that was. 

2. That time I went to a rock concert in South East Asia

I was twenty and to this day it remains the most intense rock concert I have ever attended. It turns out South East Asians go nuts at concerts. 

3. That time I accidentally married my friend in Nepal

Sort of. We stumbled across a wedding and accidentally agreed with a drunk local who asked if we were getting married during a conversation in broken English. It’s a good thing I was, and still am, very good friends with both that guy I was travelling with and his girlfriend. 

4. That time I ate bugs

Yep. That happened. 

5. That time I got chased by killer monkeys in India, rescued by some galant local and ended up running for my life 

I may be exaggerating this one a little. I got chased by monkeys which is a horrible experience for anyone who knows how vicious they can be. Then a nice local man about twice my age chased them away and was under the impression that was adequate grounds to ask me on a date. I said no but he was insistent so I decided to deal with the situation like a polite, responsible adult and ran away. At that point I think he got the hint. 

Again, apologies for the lack of D’mitry but I will do all I can to put together some adventures as soon as possible. 


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