Hiking and camping never gets old

It’s true, strapping a pack on my back and letting my little legs carry me to all sorts of remote places before pitching the Taj Mahal of hike tents and settling in for the night will never grow old. Nor will giant campfires and teaching five-year-olds how to safely add logs to the flames. I just have to keep an eye on D’mitry or the heat might reduce him to a little plastic puddle giving off toxic fumes. No one wants that. 

I don’t have many words today, just some pictures of D’mitry living it up on hikes and camping trips that officially wrapped up the end of summer for us. Now we move on to winter with snow sports and ice berg kayak trips because we aren’t overly sane. I guess you have some nipple-raising stories to look forward to over the next few cold months. 




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