Real dinosaurs!


D’mitry and I are in the fortunate position to know someone studying geology. My sister has always loved rocks and I remember her school bag rattling on the way home when we were kids because she had collected so many rocks throughout the course of the day. In fact, I also remember her giving her pet rocks a bath one day before fashioning a bed for them out of tissues. Like I said, she has always loved rocks. Geology was really just a natural step forward for her, like turning pet rocks from a childish pursuit to a legitimate career path.

Here is the awesome part: she went on a fossil dig and took photos of REAL DINOSAUR BONES for me. Although her comment was that sometimes she forgot that she was actually looking for bones and not just breaking rocks into smaller rocks with a big hammer, I am led to believe the dig was a success with a star-studded lineup of paleontologists who have discovered all kinds of cool dinosaur species.

Although it is a little sad for D’mitry to be looking at the bones of his dead ancestors, it is really great to have a snapshot of his heritage. I mean these are the bones of real dinosaurs who inspired D’mitry’s little plastic form today. That’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, in the photo is an actual dinosaur bone in an actual rock. The bone is awesome although I’m pretty sure my sister was more excited about the rock it’s encased in. Apologies that D’mitry isn’t in the photo posing with the bones but we are currently moving house and that is an effort and a half so all hands are required on deck.


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