Dealing with bitter disappointment


When I’m not off with D’mitry having world class adventures or being a student I work at my little part time job because I actually like to eat food and afford adventures. I say I’m a lifeguard, which is true, but I also do other things like run aquatic-based kids’ birthday parties, which is fun. The reason this is relevant is a parallel I want to draw between an experience from hosting children’s pool parties and a recent adventure, both of which deal with disappointment. Please bear with me.

One day at work, after running a super fun birthday party for a group of seven-year-olds, I watched said kids open up the little boxes of food the birthday kid’s mother had put together for all the guests. Usually children expect lollies and party pies at these kinds of events and so I witnessed a boy open his food box with all the expectation in the world on his face. I actually saw the moment when his heart was crushed into a mess of disappointment upon discovering that the box was in fact filled with fruit. It was quite comical although I’m sure it soured the party experience for him and I probably shouldn’t be laughing. But, if I’m honest, it’s still more than just a little bit funny to picture the sudden, crushing disappointment he was so terrible at hiding.

Today was intended to be my much awaited second surfing adventure of the season and this time with photo evidence of D’mitry’s involvement. However I experienced a similar sort of disappointment that which this seven-year-old must have felt that fateful day that would forever affect the politics of the primary school playground, which is assuredly serious business. There were no waves at the beach. I suppose it really is my fault, I should have checked surf conditions online before making the trip or at least had a look at the beach before hiring the surfboard. But no, I arrived in the sleepy little beach town and immediately went to the board hire shop without even considering that perhaps disappointment could become just that much worse if you have already spent money hiring a board you won’t actually end up using. I guess I’m overly optimistic.

But time to think of the positives. Although the intended adventure was a little bit of a failure, I spent a day with the good company of a buddy and a sister in a pleasant sea-breezy environment and didn’t even get attacked by seagulls. And, on a more important note, D’mitry had the best time ever frolicking among various little rock pools and all throughout the sand. In fact, I had a moment of sheer terror when I thought I’d lost him in soft sand, only to find him chilling on top of my little pile of clothes. Relax, everyone’s favourite dinosaur is all good.

With a little luck the weather will hold out for a few more weeks and I’ll get another chance to try my hand at surfing although I make no concrete promises this time aside from assuring everyone that I will absolutely read tidal predictions before planning surfing trips in the future. Although bad waves probably won’t stop me from going to the beach it might make me think twice before unquestioningly hiring a surfboard.

NB: photos to come. Today my sister was D’mitry’s official photographer considering she prefers sun bathing to swimming. I am clearly the active one of the two of us which makes possession of a camera/smartphone somewhat problematic for me. Thanks, Mich, you’re a champ. But seriously, send the photos to me.


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