Surfing tales: I promise; I deliver

Some months ago I alluded to future tales of beachy surfing adventures. If you’re a keen observer of D’mitry’s Facebook page I turned that mere suggestion into a more concrete promise. Now I am delivering said promise. I am simply oozing with righteousness right now.

As you’ve no doubt gathered, I went surfing while D’mitry frolicked in the sand and contemplated mental designs for a tiny surfboard which he could ride in areas no larger than a bathtub. I, on the other hand, had an entire beach to myself aside from my friend Jake and an old lady who lasted about five minutes on her boogey board before deciding that 21 degrees Celsius is much too cold for ocean going. I disagree with her.

I haven’t surfed since I was eighteen and that was some time ago. Naturally, I didn’t expect to pick up right where I left off but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself standing semi-consistently by the end of my ocean dwelling and maintaining some degree of control over myself and the board. I never claimed to be good at surfing. All in all it was a fantastic way to spend my time with the one minor mishap of having a surfboard smashed into my knee during an unexpected swell. After several ice pack sessions later that night, one truly amazing bruise the colour of desert sunset and an evening of not being able to walk, the injury seems to have fixed itself up. I’m fine and D’mitry still has a fully functioning adventure buddy.

There will be at least one more surf trip this Summer and next time perhaps there will even be pictures of a certain dinosaur in his sandy surroundings.


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